vendredi 28 octobre 2011


Hi and thank you for reading our blog:
Our goal is to present some 15mm DBM armies for sale. We are going to try to follow the same modus operandi for all armies: army list in DBM terms, manufacturer, an appreciation on the overall quality of the painting and of course a lot of pictures to help you figure out the quality of the figures displayed.
Let us begin with the list of the armies we will display in the following months:
Mongols & Yuan / Mongol & Yuan Chinese
Rus / Rus
Sui & T'ang / Early T'ang & Late Sui
Arabes Islam / Arab Conquest
Condotierre / Condotierre
Espagnols & Portugais / Medieval Spanish & Portuguese
Teutoniques / Teutonic
Suisses / Swiss
Croisés / Crusaders
Birmans / Burmese
Malais / Malaysian
Ayubides / Ayubide
Hussites / Hussite
Français et Anglais Guerre de Cent Ans / French & English 100 Years War
Romains Marius / Marian Roman
Romains Bas Empire / Late Imperial Roman
Chinois Han / Han Chinese
Libyens / Early Libyan
Neo Babyloniens / Neo Babylonian
Indiens Classiques / Classical Indian
Perses Achemenides / Achemenide Persian
Scythes / Scyhtian
Gépides / Gepide
Galates / Galatian
Egyptiens / New Kingdom Egyptian
Pictes & Bretons / Pictish & Briton
Perses Sassanides / Sassanide Persian
Grecs & Spartiates / Greek & Spartan
Alexandre / Alexander
Huns / Hun
Minonéens / Minoan
Palmyre / Palmyrian
Samourai / Samourai
Pour terminer quelques photos / To conclude, some pictures: